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Thread: Breaking latch all the time

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    Default Breaking latch all the time

    I am having problems with my 6 week dd breaking the suction when feeding repeatedly. She usually latches well initially, but then after the let down, and she starts sucking well for a few sucks, then she will break the suction which I can hear, and then she relatches which sort of hurts because she chomps down on the nipple to bring it in. She doesn't actually come off the breast when she breaks the suction, just sort of lets the nipple go looser. So it's too quick to correct her by taking her off the breast entirely. I know she is swallowing well when she does suck correctly because I can hear it. But this is making for noisy feeds as well as worries about long term nipple soreness and milk supply for me. It hasn't resulted in any nipple breakdown so far.

    I know I have overactive letdown because she does occasionally splutter, but that has gotten much better. And generally when she does this latch-relatch, she isn't struggling with swallowing. I am worried she's using her tongue incorrectly. Any suggestions or help? Help!

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    I don't have a lot avice for you mamma, but I know if it's hurting your lo is not latching properly. I would break suction after she relatches if its hurting and help her relatch until its not hurting you. Hang in there and keep up the good work!

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