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Thread: baby not emptying? 13 weeks

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    Default baby not emptying? 13 weeks

    firstly i just want to say what a fantastic help this site has been for my and my ds, i have been lurking on here from the first night i brought him home!

    ds is 13 weeks and fully bf from the start, he is putting on weight well - 9lbs 14 at birth and 14lbs 14 at 11 weeks (next check next week).

    he has started being really fussy at the breast over the last few weeks, arching his back, pushing at me and kicking his legs then crying, latching and re-latching.
    he seems to be struggling to get the milk out (i know its there because i can squeeze it out!) and i always have to give him both breasts, even after that he doesn't seem full and will cry.

    he is only quiet at our night feed when my milk is fullest after his 5 hour sleep.
    is he just a bit greedy? or do you think i should try pumping to increase my supply for him?
    or any other advice, i hate thinking that he is not getting as much as he wants and i have to give him a dummy after feeding to calm him.

    thanks in advance!!

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    Default Re: baby not emptying? 13 weeks

    Glad to have you here!

    A lot of times the fussing and arching is due to overactive letdown. Do you think that might be a problem for you? Usually it is associated with oversupply, but you don't sound like you think that is an issue.

    If you think he is still hungry after the second breast, you might try putting him back onthe first breast to make sure he is getting plenty of the fatty hindmilk that comes later in a nursing session. That might also help fill his belly a little more.

    Is he having plenty of wet and poopy diapers? That is the best guage of whether he is getting enough. I wouldn't recommend pumping because you baby will be much better at getting the mik out than a pump, and will do a better job of stimulating your breast to make more if there is actually a supply issue.
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