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Thread: My Knees Hurt

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    My knees hurt. Not all the time, just whenever I have to use them - going up stairs, getting up from sitting on the floor, etc. It's been going on for a few weeks. I can't think of any reason why. Anyone else experience this? Is it possible I have a calcium deficiency?

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    DH laughed at me the other night when he heard mine "creak" as I stood up from sitting on the floor. Mine have started that all of a sudden and do get sore. I chalked it up to age and the weather changing. I already have arthritis in one due to an old injury.
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    Same here. I think my body just needs more of the vits and minerals I lost when preggo. I am doing my best to take my vitamins and a few glucosamine tablets now and again. The vitamins have really helped (Gummi vites btw)
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    I'm too young for this!
    Well I am going to increase my calcium intake and see what happens.

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    as well as vitamins, how has your workout routine been since the baby? I know i used to be very active, but after the baby, while i am still pumping 3x a day at work, i don't get time to work out now, and i have noticed a lot of 'creaking' that didn't happen before! just a thought! that and weather is changing here in IN, too!
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