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Thread: Goo in my milk after 5 days of pumping

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    Default Goo in my milk after 5 days of pumping

    I just delivered my 1st baby at 32weeks5days. He is in the NICU so I am pumping at home and bringing it to the hospital. I have the First Years double electric pump and I like it better than the hospital one, but my nipples are sore and look to be a bit scabby. I am using Lansinoh but it isn't doing the trick. My milk is coming out with bits of goo in it. Is this normal? What can I do to relieve the pain??

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    Default Re: Goo in my milk after 5 days of pumping

    I'm not familiar with that pump, but maybe you are using the wrong size horns? I know with my Medela they come in a few different sizes. Maybe look up the manufacturer's website and see if they offer different ones.

    As far as goo, could you describe it? And the best releif for nipple pain I found was letting a little milk air dry on them.

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    What color is the goo? Have you had a hard spot in a breast? I ask that because sometimes when I get a clogged milk duct and it gets sucked out, the clog looks like white goo (same theory as a hard lotion in a lotion pump).

    Can you turn down the suction until you are a little more used to pumping so much?

    Congrats on you LO and to both of you to be home soon. GL, you're doing the right thing Mama so hang in there.
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    Agreeing with the PP. If you have a clogged duct, the milk will look similar to toothpaste when the duct opens up. If you have a sore spot, be sure to massage it out while pumping. The "goo" is completely safe for LO.
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    Default Re: Goo in my milk after 5 days of pumping

    How long have you been pumping? 5 days? When did your milk come in? Was the first milk you got yellow-orangish? I had colostrum for what seemed like a few days, even after my milk came in at about day 2, my milk was still very very thick and yellow.

    Have you gotten to hold your LO yet? It may be that your body is making something for him that he needs special right now. And with preemies that can be a lot of things. That could be causing something to be "gooier."

    Have you seen an LC in the hospital? Have they seen your milk? Do they have an opinion?

    I don't have any experience with that pump but can tell from my own experience a hospital grade pump was ESSENTIAL for me in providing and keeping up supply while our LO was in the NICU. Non hospital grade pumps just don't have the same suction capabilities.

    Good luck with everything.

    Wonderful job on the pumping BM for your baby!
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