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Thread: Breastmilk and HMF help please!

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    Default Breastmilk and HMF help please!

    Our son Zephan was born last week at 31 weeks 3 days. He's now 32 weeks 3 days and doing very well. Breathing on his own, having breastmilk through an NG tube, off IV fluids and meds, beginning to work on breast feeding.

    As the nurses and doctors are increasing the amount of milk he gets at each feeding - and as they have added human milk fortifier (HMF) to my expressed milk - he seems to be having a harder time digesting. Today he spit up most of his afternoon feeding. He's also had increasing amounts of residuals. He's constipated and seems uncomfortable as he's being tube fed.

    I don't know if we are pushing him too fast to increase the volume of milk, or if he's just not tolerating the HMF well.

    Any advice? Anyone know any alternatives to HMF?

    I am not totally comfortable with the HMF and in general would prefer he was just eating breastmilk. I've heard the argument that after 2 weeks, a preemie mom's milk begins to have less protein and fat, vitamins and minerals.

    But I'm guessing in the first two weeks I can pump enough to sustain him through his entire time in the NICU as I'm currently pumping 3-4 times as much as he is eating. And by the time he is 35-36 weeks old, he should be fine with just breastmilk unless additional medical issues come up.

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    Default Re: Breastmilk and HMF help please!

    the HMF only adds about 5 calories right?

    maybe you could just ask them to stop adding it

    DS spit up more with that stuff too
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    Default Re: Breastmilk and HMF help please!

    Our son was not on HMF. He was gaining very slowly but they did no supplements.

    A preemie mom's BM actually keeps making whatever they are needing. It can be very different than the mama's milk of a full term baby.

    Sounds like he is doing so well! What a little champ!
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    Default Re: Breastmilk and HMF help please!

    My DD was born at 31 weeks and never had HMF. It was mentioned to me on the first day by a Dr. as a possibility, but they never gave it to her. She also weighed only one once more than your little guy. The only thing they ever gave her besides BM was mixing my colostrum with formula for about a half a day until my milk came in enough to pump more than 5 ml and poly-vi-sol for iron. If they insist on HMF though, Ithink I read in preemie magazine about a HMF that is made with human milk protiens, supposed to be more sensitive. Hang in there, momma! We've been going for 4.5 months now!
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