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Thread: Anxiety/weaning/thoughts

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    Default Anxiety/weaning/thoughts

    I had been doing child-led weaning, but I am not sure she's ready. Maybe I read her signs wrong, or maybe she was just going through a phase where she didn't want to BF as much. Over the last few days, Olive has been getting cranky more easily and feeling more anxious when i walk away. She wants me constantly. I am taking this as a sign that she's not really ready, and that she wants to BF some more. I read in What to Expect the Second Year (she's 12.5 mos. now) that when they aren't really ready they get anxious and very needy of mommy.

    This is fine with me. I will nurse/BF as long as she likes. Problem is, I got my first period since we got pregant a week ago, and I'm not producing as much milk. I think she wants more than I have to give. Oatmeal has worked before, so I think I'll try that. And hydrating more too. I haven't been drinking enough water either. and i coul always eat more well-rounded meals . . .

    My ped congratulated me on finishing a full year of BFing -- he was always very supportive. He also seems to understand what fortitude it takes to do it. He says, however, that breast milk loses thickness and potency after a year and that it's pretty thin and not necessarily as good nutritionally. Not sure if he's exactly right about that & dont really care because I do know this: Olive's not ready, and I'm actually glad because the day after my period was over, I realized that she won't be my baby forever and just sobbed after i got her to sleep. So this little time we have left to BF will be very special because I get a second chance sort of. We never stopped altogether but had eliminated all but first thing in the a.m. and last thing at night.

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    Default Re: Anxiety/weaning/thoughts

    Breast milk does change after the year point but not the way your doctor said.
    The level of antibodies actually goes WAY up because it is natural for them to drink way less. And the year point is when the protection from colostrum wears off and also when children are naturally around more people and exposed to more germs as that is when they naturally start to walk and be around other children. Also the nutritional content IS changing as this is also when they are nursing less both because of the mobility and also because of eating more solids.
    But of you r child is still nursing 3-5x a day there is no need to worry about their intake of cows milk at all.
    AND While I was very diligent with solids and my son was at 3 meals a day plus two snack by the year point, I was insecure in that time frame about being soley responsible for his nutrition via solids. I didn't trust myself completely by the year point. Breast milk continued fill any gaps that may have been there and provided me the security blanket I needed to get over that overwhelming period between 12-15months.
    If you read that book than you know that children usually won't self wean before the 18month point. And even that is early.
    Don't let your pediatrician make you feel insecure. The recommendation to breastfeed for "At least a year" is just that. It's a bare minimum. Our Society makes it seem like it's so major a deal. But really the WHO and Unicef both recommend at least two years. And really allowing children to breastfeed until THEY ate ready to walk away is the best gift we can give them.
    Keep doing what you are doing! The 2nd year is very different from the 1st!

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    Default Re: Anxiety/weaning/thoughts

    From what you're saying neither of you is ready to wean. In the second year of your baby's life you should feel free to nurse as much and as long as your child wants!!! Enjoy it.

    I have found nursing after 1 quite pleasureable and sooooo different than infant nursing. I actually enjoy it a lot better.

    The neat thing is that it kind of comes and goes. Some weeks he's nursing up a storm, non stop. Then he goes for weeks of just a few times a day. I actually thought he was weaning at one point, and now he's back to 8-10 times a day.

    Just stay open to the direction your child wants to go nursing and congrats to making it to a year. Way to go!

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    Keep going! I got the same speech from my ped when dd turned 1. "your milk is water" I got a new ped
    I am still nursing my 17 month old.
    Its normal to notice a dip in milk supply right before and during your period.. nurse more and eat some oatmeal cookies

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    Default Re: Anxiety/weaning/thoughts

    Thanks for the encouragement ladies. My family thinks I'm crazy (in lots of ways), and sometimes I actually listen to them, but this is one case where it's between me & Olive and no one else.

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