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Thread: Joshua turned 2!!!

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    Happy Birthday Joshua! And congrats again Kathryn.
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    Congratulations!! Happy BDAy!!

    He might or might not be weaning, my DD used to ask to nurse after naps and suddenly stopped asking. But after a few weeks, she started asking to nurse again, so I guess it was just a phase. Or may be that's the way child led, gradual weaning happens.

    Congratulations again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*djs.mom View Post
    Congratulations Kathryn! On making it this far, on the New baby coming and all that motherhood is to you and will be. A slow natural weaning is all any of us can hope for. And if he is able to walk away on his own, before you run into supply problems, that will probably be one less emotional roller coaster that you have to ride in the months to come.
    Congratulations again!
    And Happy B-day to your Big Boy!. Hunker down. This year will be one will challenge you on all levels. When you are ready to give him to the neighbors just focus on your sweet baby and the incredible time you have shared up until this point.
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