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Thread: Weird (and slightly embarassing) question

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    Default Weird (and slightly embarassing) question

    I have noticed a 'b.o.' smell emanating from my nipples of all places. I know there are glands or gland tissue there, but this is my 3rd bf child and the 1st time this has happened. It is not there all the time, usually when my little guy has been giving them a workout through frequent feedings. Has anyone else experienced this or am I a case for a medical journal?
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    hmmm, could it be an infection? Are there any other signs/symptoms (oozing, flaking, etc) around the nipple? Does baby have any teeth?

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    You know, I feel like I had something similar with DD, but now I don't notice it as much. I never did figure out what it was... although I think in my case I decided it was coming from underneath the breasts and I actually even put deoderant there once or twice.

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    are you taking fenugreek or anything? sometimes that can make you stink in weird places haha
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    i noticed when i used to take fenugreek, blessed thistle, and nettle leaves that i would have an odor on my breasts!
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