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Thank you for all your posts, ladies!

So it's not 'in place' of my milk...but rather with a bottle of my milk.
With a baby this young, any amount of solids are taking the place of breastmilk, because they're helping fill up baby's tummy and baby will be drinking less breastmilk at that sitting than she would've if she'd not gotten any solids. That's what the other posters meant about cereal replacing breastmilk. At the 4 mos. stage, baby still needs breastmilk as the main source of nutrition, so starting solids too early can actually have a negative effect on baby's health.

Also, with your problems with milk supply, you'd probably increase your milk supply more by nursing baby (since baby is better at this than the pump) directly in the morning instead of feeding her a bottle and cereal.

If baby is having breakfast while she's away from you, and you can't nurse her directly then, make sure you're using the slowest flow nipples possible, and remember that while you don't like the idea of formula, that it is more nutritional than the cereal. If you have to supplement at 4 mos., use the formula instead of cereal. It's got better nutrition and good fat content. Cereal is good for practicing eating, but it's not very nutritional, and the added vitamins aren't metabolized by baby's body as well as the vitamins and nutrients in breastmilk.