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Thread: help! LO won't nurse

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    Exclamation help! LO won't nurse

    My son is 15 months old. We usually nurse first thing in the morning when he gets up,, around noon, 4:30ish pm, and around 10:00 pm every day. On Saturday he refused to nurse at noon, so I just put him down for his nap, and ended up feeding him at 3:00pm instead. Yesterday he also refused to nurse at noon. I finally fed him at 1:30. Then later he refused again, so I ended up just feeding him at 8:00 for bedtime. This morning I'm a bit engorged. He won't nurse again!
    Also, sometimes he does this weird little gag as soon as my nipple touches his lip and then refuses to have anything more to do with it.
    I'm fine with weaning, if that's what he's ready for, but when he does nurse, he nurses very hungrily and quickly, so I think he still wants it.
    I should also mention, I'm 6 weeks pregnant, which may be affecting my supply, but again, he doesn't seem to mind the taste when he does nurse.
    Any ideas or suggestions??
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    Default Re: help! LO won't nurse

    DS would also gag/strike sometimes. Is he teething or have a cold? Just keep offering, but don't try to force it.
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