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Thread: Changed my mind! Is it possible...

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    Default Changed my mind! Is it possible...

    Here is some info about me... my little one is 6 months old, I work full time, I nurse in the morning and at night (after a meal of rice cereal) and all day on the weekends (with help from bottle after). At work I can pump 2x a day and am currently pumping for 10 min each time (and getting about 2-3 oz total each time I pump).

    Here is my question/situation...My original goal/plan was to nurse my baby until she was 6 months. I never felt the desire to go longer than this. So, I've been starting to slowly wean by not pumping as much at work...

    well, I think I've changed my mind. Not sure what it was, but just last night I realized I don't want to/need to stop right now. However, now I'm concerned because I know my supply has gone done quite a bit already. Even at night, she'll nurse for a while then we'll give her a bottle just to make sure she is nice and full. She'll still drink several ounces after nursing for 15 min or so.

    Anyway, I plan to increase how much water I drink and I can increase the length of time I pump at work but not really the frequency. Will that matter if I pump for 15 min vs 10? Or should I really try to work in a third time in there?

    I'm concerned this may not be possible/even worth it once she starts more 'real' food soon... thoughts/encouragement?
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    Default Re: Changed my mind! Is it possible...

    It is absolutely worth it to continue breastfeeding your little one for as long as you like! The first year especially is the most important, so kudos to you for wanting to keep it up!

    I don't have any real experience with pumping, but lots of Mamas here do, and I know they'll chime in...

    My advice would be to put baby to the breast as often as possible, offer breast before you offer solids (ie. Cereal), and probably add a pumping session or two if you can. I know lots of Mamas have had great results using herbal galactogogues as well, but I think it's better to try other things first.

    You can absolutely get your supply back, it's all about how many prolactin receptors were laid down in the breast tissue in the early weeks of breastfeeding, if my understanding is correct, so your milk supply should be very resilient. It would also be a good idea to stop supplementing, but I'm sure some other Mamas here will have more specific advice for how to go about it.

    You can do it!! Good luck, and keep us posted!

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    Default Re: Changed my mind! Is it possible...

    Yes, it is possible. Remember that the more often you nurse/pump the more milk your body makes. If possible add another pumping session. As pp mentioned, nurse before solids. If you have a PISA use the letdown button to try for one more letdown before you quit pumping for that session. I would do whatever to cut down the suppliments as well they are affecting your supply b/c your body thinks it's making enough milk. You may also try to increase your milk supply; drink a lot of water, eat oatmeal, take funegreek (sp?) suppliments. Nurse more frequently (offer it more)

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