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Thread: Pumping for missed feeding

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    Default Pumping for missed feeding

    How long should I pump if I am pumping in place of feeding my 7wk old. I pumped for 20min with the Lactina rental and only got 2 1/2oz together. I am freaking that I am not going to have enough when I return to work in a couple weeks. I rented the pump, I am taking the more milk plus 3x/day and pumping after just about every feeding and am only getting about 6oz in a day from pumping all together after feedings.

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    I'm responding partially to bump this for more replies but also to say that although I rarely pump anymore, from what I remember 2 ounces is pretty standard for a lot of moms! Especially in the beginning, when your baby probably isn't taking much more than that at each feeding at the breast.

    Here's a link that may help to reassure you... http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/p..._decrease.html

    There's a milk calculator at kellymom.com to help you figure out how much your baby might be needing.

    IIRC you should pump for about 15-20 minutes per missed feeding, or a few minutes after the last drops of milk.

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    I pump all the time and I usually get around 6-8 from 3 sessions while I am at work.

    Are you only pumping once a day?
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