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Thread: I think this is our problem!

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    Default I think this is our problem!

    I read the 'Oversupply' article, and it exactly fits what is going on with my nearly 4 month old son. He is extremely gassy, has been having liquid dark green stools every 8-9 days (no other BM's) and only eats for a maximum of 10 minutes. I have had mastitis/plugged ducts 5 times, always when he slept a bit 'too long' (not for me, for my breasts!). I spurt out milk and he will often latch on, then pull off and cry and repeat this for ages, sometimes refusing to actually eat for up to 9 hours.

    Normally, I only nurse one side and pump the other, then switch for the next feeding. (I freeze the milk and have a full freezer, as the little guy will not take a bottle! I'm hoping to add it to cereal and give it to him in a cup when he is old enought.) As suggested in the article, I am trying the "only nurse one side for a few hours" thing and I just pumped the other side for 30 seconds (and got 1 oz of milk!). I am worried that only pumping for such a short period of time will give me plugged ducts or mastitis again (which I live in fear of!), but the article says that this should not happen with the pumping for 30 seconds.

    Any experiences with this, suggestions or advice? I am so hopeful that this is the answer to my poor little guy's problems - but I really don't want to end up on IV antibiotics AGAIN!


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    I do that sometimes -- feed on one side and then pump the other -- and I've never gotten plugged ducts from it. I know that sounds impossible, but it's true and I've heard other moms say the same thing! I got plugged ducts a lot when DD was just a few weeks old because I was trying to exclusively pump as I could not stand to BF due to thrush. But once I started nursing again, plugged ducts disappeared, and I haven't had a problem since, even with pumping on one side for a short time.

    I'm a full-time single mama and a full-time law student!! Loving every minute!!

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    for 18+ months! Now we only nurse on one side because mama's other side is predisposed to recurring mastitis!!

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    Default Re: I think this is our problem!

    hello ladies,

    i am trying the block feeding but i have a few questions. if i block feed for 4 hours, am i supposed to pump on ther other breast? if baby does not wake up after 5 hours, do i feed him on the other breast or the original one i was supposed to use? since i have a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, should i pump first then feed? im confused and need help, i don't want to give up but baby isn't gaining enough weight according to doctor (at 8 weeks baby weighed 10lbs, 5ozs) and he still has green stools for weeks now.

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