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Thread: Silent reflux?

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    Default Silent reflux?

    For those of you with LO's w. silent reflux, how did you find out? What were the symptoms?

    I've always just assumed my daughter was a happy spitter, but now I am not so sure anymore. Could she all of a sudden be bothered by this?

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    Default Re: Silent reflux?

    Mine would arch her back trying to get comfortable sleeping. I could also tell sometimes when she was fighting it back down...she would kind of shiver and shake her head. She would get the hiccups a lot. She eats frequent, smaller meals to make herself more comfortable. A lot of drooling!! Coughing. Bad, or acidy breath. Another sign is putting their fingers down their throat, which is also a symptom of esophagitis.

    My LO is on prevacid, which helps a lot, but I now know that the reflux is aggravated by her food allergies.
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    My son looks a little like a cat hacking up a hairball when it happens to him, but a bit more subtle -- he sort of pulls his chin in and then extends his neck a bit and pulls his chin back in, basically trying to swallow it all back down. Sometimes I can hear it coming up, too, and he almost always coughs a bit as he attempts to protect his airway. Arching, crying and gagging after feeding are also common signs. Teething and upper respiratory infections can make it much worse because of the additional fluids that tend to be swallowed. Also, be aware that silent reflux, if the fluid is highly acidic, can be a serious problem because the esophagus is burned by the acid on the way up and the way back down. Some pediatricians don't consider silent reflux to be a problem because kids who have it often gain weight well, and many are comfort nursers, so if you believe your little one has it, don't hesitate to push for a definitive diagnosis if you feel you need one.
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    Default Re: Silent reflux?

    The overeating and rapid weight gain was a sign for me. Also, at only a few days old, you could see that he was refluxing - you could tell that spit up was coming up to his throat, he would lose his breath for a second and then swallow it back down. Also, when placed in his bassinet he would make a gasping sound that would stop if he was picked up. And he always seemed to have the hiccups. He was never fussy at the breast, he never arched his back - which were the classic signs I was looking for and never did see.


    To correct it, he is now taking zantac. We had a crib wedge for when he was in bed with us (that he no longer needs) and we propped up his bassinet back when he was sleeping in that. Keeping babies upright for about 30 minutes after a meal helps as well - as does frequent burping. Small meals, more frequently really helps. Right now at 7 months he eats every two hours or more - from one breast only.

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