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Thread: Anyone using alternative feeding methods with pumping?

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    Default Anyone using alternative feeding methods with pumping?

    I am interested in pumping so that we can have an occasional time away from baby if needed, but worried about nipple confusion, not to mention jeopardizing the hard earned latch we've achieved (6 week old babe with overactive letdown problems). I was wondering if anyone has chosen to express milk but give it using alternative methods exclusively, eg. cup or syringe feeding? I know people use this method for newborns who are having problems latching, but can it be used long term for EBM?

    Is it convenient enough for caregivers versus a bottle? I want to make sure we introduce a method early enough so babe will accept something other than the breast, but would love to stay away from bottles if possible.

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    Default Re: Anyone using alternative feeding methods with pumping?

    From my experience it wasn't very convenient...We only used those measures in the hospital though...maybe different for an older baby?
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    Default Re: Anyone using alternative feeding methods with pumping?

    Hmmm, I have heard of using a cup or dropper for emergencies but not as a long term alternative, especially in a bubby so young. To the best of my knowledge cup feeding can be very time consuming. However if it was my choice I would definately prefer cup feedng to bottle, the chance of causing nipple confusion is way too scary in my opinion.

    Is this a theoretical absence, or have you a plan? If you were just worried that she will not accept a bottle later, or that she will always only want the breast, I would say dont worry about it too much now. I have read so many stories of babies that take the bottle one day, then dont, or vice versa! They are tricky ickle things babies, fickle as the wind! I would say, enjoy BF now and cross that bridge when you come to it.
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