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Thread: When to switch breasts?

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    Default When to switch breasts?

    Thanks to the info on this site and others, my almost 6 weeker seems to be doing much better with a fast letdown and doesn't choke or cough as much with feeding now. I have been sticking with one breast per feeding. The supply seems to be matching her better now. However, sometimes she just eats for a short while (less than 5 minutes) and I can still feel that the breast feels full (she sometimes can empty the breast in 5 minutes, but this isn't the case for these "snack" feedings, When she eats vigorously for 5 minutes, the breast definitely feels more empty).

    Should I put her back on the same breast for the next feeding, even if it's more than 2-3 hours since the last "snack" to ensure she's getting the hindmilk, or switch to the other breast?

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    If your supply is still starting to match her better, like you mentioned, then I recommend putting her back to the same breast. Like a block feed, when you feed with the same breast for 2-3 feedings before you switch to discourage the opposite breast from producing more milk. That might help your supply even out even more, but it doesn't work for everyone.

    I have OS/OALD too, and I used to feed my daughter on just one breast per feeding but recently stopped her when she started to slow down on one breast and switched her to the other one after she burped. I didn't do this before because I was concerned about her getting the hindmilk, but she's been gaining weight SUPER well this month so I decided to pull the ol' switch-a-roo on her. Block feeding wasn't working well for us, so I'm hoping this will help relieve engorgement and even out supply all at once. Fingers crossed!!

    And good luck to you with your OS issues, mama...I knows it's hard, but I've heard it gets better at around 3-4 months...at least I hope so for both our sakes!! Hang in there!!

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