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Thread: should a 4 month old be on a routine by now?

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    Default should a 4 month old be on a routine by now?

    i am returning to work in two weeks. I have a four month old and I am lost of what type of routine he should be on. I will be waking him at 6am (i feel so bad about this) to feed, my dh will take him to the sitters for 7am. I have been doing dry runs with this and he falls asleep around 7:30am (for only 30 mins). I feed him when he wakes, he is then up for another 1 1/2- 2hrs, sleeps again for only 30 mins then wakes to eat. IS THIS AN OK THING TO DO? Eat, Wake, Feed? He takes about three little naps a day and then even one nap early in the evening. He has never been a good sleeper, still wakes up a lot at night. He usually falls asleep at 7pm and that is with us trying to hold him off, he probably would fall asleep at 6pm. He then wakes anywhere from 11pm to 1ish for a feed, then sleeps and is then up around 3-4 and sometime up again around 5ish. He has slept from 7:30-4am only once. Last night I was in there three times from 3-5! So, if any of you could share your routines I would appreciate it, or give me suggestions thanks

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    Default Re: should a 4 month old be on a routine by now?

    At 4 mos my DS was still eating 12+ times a day. If I was working dayshift I would wake him to eat around 6 and he would eat every 1.5-2.5 hours all day, sleeping maybe 45 min at a time and usually eating to sleep and upon awakening or shortly after. He was however a great sleeper and would sleep from 10-4 at 6 wks and at 4 mos was sleeping from 9-5:30 or 6 (which is what he does now at almost 6 mos, unless he rolls onto his stomach, but I digress)! I think it is more than fine to follow his cues. I made sure I went over them with my DCP and sent milk in small amts and made sure she knew that milk could be reused etc so she wouldn't waste it. It does get better, he will space out his feeds better and may do so more for the DCP as she might feed him larger amts at a time. You will find that if he eats frequently during the day you will need to pump pretty frequently at the begining. I pumped every 2-3 hours when I first went back (12 wks) and now it's more like 4-5 hours.
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