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Thread: Bottle/Sippy Cup?

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    Default Bottle/Sippy Cup?

    Hi Ladies,
    This is just a quick one. My LO is currently refusing to take a bottle. Not because she can't (if I catch her when she's sleepy, there's no problem, she'll take it straight away) but because she doesn't want to. She's going to Daycare soon when I start back at work 6 weeks today. I'm not sure whether to try her with a sippy cup or not. We've been chipping away with the bottle since she was about 3 weeks old, she took it fine, and then at 10 weeks started refusing :-( We're using NUK bottles and teats which are the only ones that she doesn't seem to choke on. She's 18 weeks, 19lbs, and usually feeds every 2 ish hours apart from in the evening which is a cluster feed, then sleeps straight through. I am getting a little bit anxious about this
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    you might try to offer both, it won't hurt to try the cup, but the bottle thing might be a phase too, where next week she likes it again.
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