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Thread: I wanted this...Didnt I?

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    Default I wanted this...Didnt I?

    I wanted to night wean. My bed is playground/battlefield and my nipples are the victims. Not to mention my sleep. So I thought Id try it last night and ...well... he just didnt really make that much of a fuss when I said no the three times he woke up. He just sort of meowed for a while and then rolled off into the corner clutching the bottle that Ive never let him have before.
    So 4 hours later when I woke at 7am I pulled him to me to cuddle and feed him...and he didnt want it. He struggled away and jumped up to bounce, and I saw our cosy mornings of snuggly nursing slip away.
    All day I was offering it to him and over analysing...'Does he look less interested? Is this the end? What have I done?' Now im worrying that he wont be getting enough milk, and my supply will drop, because Im not feeding him those 6 feeds during the night.
    God, I dont know.... Im ranting and it was only one night and maybe tonight will be different.
    Am I just upset that it was too easy and my egos bruised that he doesnt need me as much as I thought he did? This is what I wanted...Isnt it?
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    Default Re: I wanted this...Didnt I?

    I know how you're feeling. We recently night-weaned DD and I find myself feeling sad that she'll never again roll over and snuggle/nurse in the middle of the night again I really doubt that your son's lack of interest in the morning means he's done for good. He may have just been feeling independent... they change thier minds so frequently.

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    I'm sure that this will not be the end of your nursing relationship. He will get enough milk, he will probably just nurse more during the day to make up for those night nursings. Who knows, tonight may be a completely different story!

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