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Thread: suddenly crazy about 'mee-mee': mama's milk, 16 months

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    Default suddenly crazy about 'mee-mee': mama's milk, 16 months

    alasdair is 16 months. still nursing, though mainly only at 'sleep-times,' naps + nighttime, at least 3 times throughout the night.
    i am 14 weeks pregnant, and---honestly----really ready to wean him. i was ready about 4 months ago, but but but....

    i thought things were going in the right direction. he was cutting down during the day and doing alright going to bed with dh most nights. so, we decided to introduce another transition and move him into his own room + big bed (on the floor). i slept in there with him for about a month, then the plan was to have dh sleep with him + start night weaning. he got that far for about a week, then, suddenly, alasdair decided he must have milk + mama.

    my poor husband is devastated that he can't console alasdair anymore. it's sad. mostly, it's really frustrating. he gets sooooo pissed, to the point of waking, screaming, running down the hall screaming, kicking. everything. the longest it has lasted was about 45 minutes---then i went into the room and he calmed, immediately, with milk.

    my point + question: he goes nuts without nursing. it hurts me terribly lately (probably sensitive due to pregnancy) and it makes for a ****ty night's sleep. what can i do to subside his need to nurse?

    sidenote: his molars + 1 canine are now in---worked on those last month.
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    Default Re: suddenly crazy about 'mee-mee': mama's milk, 16 months

    If you've ruled out teething, you may want to try gentle night-weaning. I used the Dr. Jay Gordon method. It took us a little longer than his time frame, but it did work. We had moved DD to her big girl bed, too, so it made it easier for me to be able to lay with her.

    FWIW, she no longer nurses but she still won't let DH comfort her back to sleep. I have no advice on that issue.
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    Default Re: suddenly crazy about 'mee-mee': mama's milk, 16 months

    I know what you talking about I had to wean my son when I was pg with little sis it was so painfull for me.

    Keep trying!

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