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Thread: Baby suddenly refuses left breast

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    Default 14 week baby refusing breastfeeding during day

    I posted this originally yesterday but since then it's gotten worse...
    She will only nurse from the breast (either breast) at night, but takes pumped milk from either breast happily from her daddy during the day - though he says she burst out crying in the middle of a bottle today, which is odd. He did coax her to take about half a normal feeding from me from the preferred breast in the sidelying position.

    She's been very farty today, and she demands to be exercising, either doing assisted situps or assisted standing.

    I'm getting concerned enough to consider taking her to a pediatrician - of course, as we're moving cross country and visiting family now, I'd have to take her to the urgent care center of the pediatric ward of an unfamiliar hospital, which I am of course not eager to do.

    Anyone have any ideas or advice?

    Original post below:
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    My baby is 14 weeks old and has started refusing the left breast. She has preferred the right breast for some time, and for a few weeks leading up to this refusal needed to be coaxed and rocked to take the left breast, but now she won't take it at all. She gets extremely upset, fights the breast, then tries to settle but then gets angry again as soon as she gets the nipple in her mouth.

    I had mastitis in my right breast about 6 weeks ago. My left breast has always been the heavier producer, since the mastitis in the other breast lowered the volume of the right breast, but I don't think the volume of the left breast has really gone up that much. My letdown is heavy but she's handled it fine up until now.

    I have tried pumping the milk and giving it to my husband to try out - (she won't take a bottle from me at all) and she downs it happily from the bottle, so it doesn't seem to be the taste. I tasted it and it seems to be just like the right.

    I have tried changing from our regular cradle hold to a football hold, thinking she maybe doesn't want to lay on that side. She will snack a bit in this position before she starts the screaming, but really only four or five sucks.

    Wierdly, at night she has no problem with this breast - she'll latch right on and empty it out completely. I thought maybe she just wanted the side-lying position, but she still refuses to take the left breast during the day at all even in this position.

    We are in the process of moving cross country and so there is a lot of stress. I'm thinking about just pumping the left and letting hubby bottlefeed her from that side to keep production up until we are at the new house and settled, but wanted to see if anyone has any ideas.
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    Default Re: Baby suddenly refuses left breast

    My little one did and does the same thing.........only he wants to nurse on the left breast. LOL. I kept trying to figure out what the problem was (an ear ache, bad taste, etc.) but it just seems that this is his favorite side and breast to nurse on!

    My suggestion is to keep doing what you are doing and continue to offer the left breast. I would also offer it frequently at night since your LO doesn't mind it then (my LO will take the breast at night too).

    I haven't tried it but I have heard of some mothers feeding one breast during the day and the other at night...maybe this is an option for you?

    Keep up the good work, sounds like you're doing the right things!
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    Default Re: Baby suddenly refuses left breast

    My baby prefers the right breast most of the time. What I do is always offer the left one first to see if she will take it but if not I switch to the right. As long as your baby keeps up pooping and wetting the same, it shouldn't matter that only one breast is used.

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    Default Re: Baby suddenly refuses left breast

    Glad someone posted on this...

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*Bigbearsmom View Post
    My little one did and does the same thing.........only he wants to nurse on the left breast.
    DD is the same way with me!! This has only started within the past week...I think it's because the milk releases more quickly from the left so she doesn't have to work for it as much. Is this a plausible reason?

    And any ideas on how to relieve engorgement on the side she does not prefer? My right side feels hard and full a lot, and it is difficult to hand express AND pump on that side. What is wrong with me?! I think I may have plugged ducts on that side...

    Good luck to everyone struggling with this issue!!
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