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    my baby was born on dec 5th 2008, I had a difficult labour and was not able to start BF as soon as shea was born and the nurse in the hospital was not very helpful either. The next day the lactation nurse just tried once to get her to latch and more over i was not having any milk supply so she handed me a bottle with formula and asked me to give formula untill my milksupply is established. i was not shown how to pump either. after i came home my daughter was not latching and i purchased medela pump in style and started to pump after 2 days but was not able to pump more than 5 c.c. meanwhile a person from the hospital Family care centre called to check on me and i discussed my problem with her, she got in touch with different Lactaion nurse who advised me not to try to get my baby to latch now but to pump eevry 3 hrs and try to get my milk supply up. I did that for 2 DAYS AND WAS able to bring up my supply from 5 to 15 c.c only. I called back the lactation nurse and she gave me phone No of an outpatient LC , but even after calling daily she has never returned my call.

    Now my baby is 17 days old, and is not latching because she is used to bottle. after religiously pumpimg every 3 hrs for for past 2 wks my milk supply is just 30 c.c every pumping session. I am giving her the pumped milk and formula. I very desperately want to breastfeed my baby. Is it too late now to get her to latch or increase my Breast milk supply.

    Please help this desperate mom.

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    I posted in your other thread mama.
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