Just wanted to ask a question: Is this normal? I don't know. My pediatrician doesn't seem to be worried, but my 12 month old still doesn't self feed. He will hold on to a cracker or teething biscuit and bite/chew, and his pincer grasp is fine with toys/etc. But I give him finger foods/mashed table foods everyday, 3x/day, and snacks and he's just not interested. I have tried letting him just "sit there" as some people have suggested. He literally just sits there until he cries to get out of the highchair. I also have let him get as messy as he wants, playing with it, and he just pushes it around the tray, then most of it ends up on the floor.

He is trying to mimic me with utensils, but it looks like it will be a while before he gets the hang of the that. However, I am encouraging it, because at least its something. He doesn't really even eat that much still yet, when I feed him. He didn't really start solids until 10 months and has many food sensitivities. I don't want to push him because everything else with him has been "in his own time" when I don't worry. But I've never known a baby to not feed himself at this age, even cheerios.

Hopefully I'm just worrying over nothing. He is nursing like a champ and is almost 25 lbs. He had only 1 tooth at 12 months, but in the last 3 weeks has gotten 4 more and has 2 more coming!!!!

Thank you for any input in advance!