My little one is 5 weeks and we have been trying block feeding for oversupply/OALD which seems to be improving somewhat. However, she has a fairly shallow latch, and has the habit of "smacking" every 3rd suck or so, not enough to come right off the breast, but enough to bother me. Then she'll reattach and continue sucking. I know this is probably her way of dealing with the fast flow, but I am worried it is going to cause sore nipples and instill bad latch patterns. I am trying to make sure her positioning is good (cross cradle seems to work best for now), but it doesn't seem to affect the smacking sound.
In other's experience, does the latch get more consistent once the supply is better regulated? She still does a lot of coughing during feeds, but less so than a week ago. I'm also worried about her aspirating milk. Is this a concern?