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Thread: How to undo weaning???

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    Default How to undo weaning???

    Not sure where to post this but Mia self weaned, I think due to changes in my milk during the pregnancy. She has been so needy and clingy since. It is if she really wasn't ready to wean but did. It has been a month and I would like to try to nurse again. She is showing interest in it all the sudden again but she doesn't seem to get how to latch. Actually just crawled in my lap, pointed to the babies at the top of the page and said milk, raised my shirt and kissed my breast. All she will do is lick or kiss. I am wondering if anyone has sucess reestablishing nursing after being weaned for a month? Any ideas how to help her latch on?
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    Default Re: How to undo weaning???

    how old?

    She might start again after the baby comes....

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