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Thread: hormones and weaning

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    Default hormones and weaning

    I just posted a question last night about pump weaning, but I also thought I'd throw this question out there this morning. I intended to wean my daughter at 12 months and didn't realize how difficult this would be for me emotionally. I have found the past month and a half to be very challenging with me being very randomly tearful about anything really. The only other time that I can recall feeling this way that even comes close is right after I had my daughter and I was dealing with postpardum blues. It's slightly better now, but I would still say I'm slightly more emotional. I seem to be struggling more than my daughter at letting this stage go! Does anyone know of any research done on the effects weaning has on hormones and emotions?

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    I don't have any links...maybe someone else does. But you are right that hormones can really go out of wack while weaning the same way they can right after having a baby. If it is really effecting you, talk to your doctor about it.

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