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Thread: Mommy trying to figure out sippy cup

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    Question Mommy trying to figure out sippy cup

    Now maybe I'm making this harder than it is, but we tried DS's first attempt at a sippy cup today with a half oz. of water and he liked it. I nursed him a bit before and after and that all worked out fine. He's 5 months.

    My question is, I work full time so he eats from a bottle during the day. Now that we've ascertained that he likes the sippy cup, is it ok for him to have his daytime meals from that? Or should he stay with the bottles that he's used to using (we use the Medela bottles).

    Oh these easy-to-use sippy cups sure are confusing for an over analytical mommy!
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    This is purely an opinion since my DS would never take a bottle OR sippy cup , but I wouldn't think there would be any problem with switching to the cup. If he's able to get the milk out and likes it--why not?

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    My DS also gets bottles during the day while I work. We started the sippy cup around 5 months too. He's now 7 months. I generally put water in the sippy cup (saving breast milk for bottles). I fill it to the top so he doesn't have to work at tipping it so much. He still only drinks 1/2 to 1 ounce (fine with me, still thirsty to nurse). Mostly he practices picking it up and gumming the mouth piece. It's great practice for him and also entertaining while I cook dinner. Plus now he's just started eating puffed wheat too.

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