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Thread: But what to do FIRST...?

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    Exclamation But what to do FIRST...?

    Please, please help. I've read and read and read, from a large variety of sources, and I'm confident that I'm struggling with low supply, and each day it becomes clearer that I need to take some kind of action. (This is strange to me because I constantly struggled with over-supply and OALD while nursing my DD...????)

    But, despite everything I've read, I still need some down-and-dirty help from those of you who are there or have been there. I have a strong understanding of the supply-demand cycle, and of the many, many general approaches to increasing supply. But what I'd really like to hear is:

    Which of those many things should I do first?
    And in what combination?

    Nothing I've read seems to provide direct and clear help on this.
    Should I first try nursing LO every hour or so, rather than on demand?
    Should I first try maintaining LO's natural feedings and pump for 10 minutes afterwards?
    Should I immediately begin some kind of galactagogue?

    From those of you who have had success increasing supply, can you please provide your opinion about exactly what you would recommend as the starting point? And, then, can you also mention some general guidelines about how quickly I should notice a change? And perhaps what I should do if that first strategy doesn't work?

    Thanks for passing along the wisdom you have gathered!
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    Default Re: But what to do FIRST...?

    I don't think that there is necessarily one thing you have to do first.

    IME, nursing and then pumping right after helped with supply. I also took fenugreek simultaneously. So I did both of those things at the same time. Later on I added other galactagogues, as well as always eating oatmeal.

    *I* wouldn't nurse on a schedule, just keep up regular feedings and if you can pump after. That way baby's still getting just what they need, and not too much by trying to feed every hour.

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