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Thread: Ready to switch to formula!! Please help us!

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    Default Re: Ready to switch to formula!! Please help us!

    I am sorry to say that even if you switch to formula you may not get anymore sleep. Some babies just do not sleep as much as others. My 15 month old is still up several times a night...

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    Default Re: Ready to switch to formula!! Please help us!

    Well, I am prepared for that.

    I tried ds with a bit more today and he pulled a face and started getting angry at me. Then he spit up about 10 times today and he doesnt usually do that so I think the formula is prob disagreeing with him. I guess he has to get used to other things though.

    I just hate the whole idea of expressing, I already feel like a milk vendor!

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    Default Re: Ready to switch to formula!! Please help us!

    If you really want to suplement, I strongly suggest that you shop around for a formula that agrees with him. This formula is obviously not going to make a happy baby if he's just spitting it all up.

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    Default Re: Ready to switch to formula!! Please help us!

    like i said before, i really suggest alimentum or nutrimagen. these are the most gentle, easy to digest formulas you can get without a prescription.

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    Default Re: Ready to switch to formula!! Please help us!

    Quote Originally Posted by beautifulfreak
    What kind of signals did he give?? My ds does arch his back a lot and never seems relaxed apart from at night for a couple of hours then he tends to move around an awful lot when he is asleep.
    That's what mine did. I had been told that babies in pain cried all the time, so I had NO idea that the arching of the back and the squirmies meant he was painful. He cried a lot, but there were plenty of times he seemed on edge and I didn't know it was because he was uncomfortable. Poor baby.

    Edited to add -- I also know a whole lot of women who began supplementing in the first few weeks, for various reasons (the biggest one usually seems because they think it will help the baby sleep better), and most lose their supply or wean <6 months.

    Regarding getting more and better sleep -- what about taking the baby into bed with you? I got NO sleep with my fussy baby until I started doing that, and suddenly he would sleep for more than an hour! I slept with the baby in one bed, and DH stayed in another until we got side-laying nursing down, and then we all slept in one bed.
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