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Thread: Is this a weaning thing or what?

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    Default Is this a weaning thing or what?

    For the last few weeks, LO will nurse on one nipple and hold the other one in her fingers. what's she doing? It doesn't really bother me until she starts pinching and it hurts. It also bothers me when we've been nursing for 20 minutes (usually this is comfort nursing) and she's been squeezing my other nipple in her hand or fingers that long. If she's wide awake, she fights me when I put my shirt back over the other breast or push her hand away. I figure it's OK, so i've stopped pushing her away. After all, we are comforting, and I want her to feel comforted.

    Just curious if I'm the only one . . .

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    Default Re: Is this a weaning thing or what?

    Agh Logan does this. I just clipped his nails yesterday because he was pinching me. I always thought they did the titty twister thing for the letdown to come.

    It really hurts so as soon as the letdown comes I take his hand off my other nipple. If he's twisting nip because he needs something to do with his hands I let him have a small toy (ex. car) to hold. He likes to drive it all over my breasts as he nurses. It does help w/ that titty twister.

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    Default Re: Is this a weaning thing or what?

    Sounds very normal for a nursing infant, some mommy's find that distract and redirect works well. A nursing necklace works great to distract.... here is a great link from kellymom..


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    Default Re: Is this a weaning thing or what?

    My guy does this, he always has his hand on the other one. It is getting painful now that I am pregnant, especially with his nails, so I am less tolerant of it. Before, I just let him do it, and DH labeled him "the twiddler". It is annoying though, and you can set limits with it. I was just never persistent enough.

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    Default Re: Is this a weaning thing or what?

    My LO does this at every nursing session. I usually take his hand and start to tickle it or sing a song and make gestures with it. That may take her mind off of it for you. Good luck!!!
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    Default Re: Is this a weaning thing or what?

    Mine used to do this, so I started playing with that hand, kissing it and then pretending to take a big chomp out of it (with sound effects he thought that was hillarious)...now he sticks his hand in my mouth all the time instead (not sure if that's any better )
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    Smile Re: Is this a weaning thing or what?

    I wwas just wondering about the same thing. Bailey has not done this until the past month or so. he is 11 months. I have to say that I am very tolerant but this drives me crazy! I think I am going to make a nusring necklace today!

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    Default Re: Is this a weaning thing or what?

    My DD (2 years old0 has done that for a long time, but she is rougher and it is very annoying to me. I have tried everything to get her to stop, from talking to her to giving her something to hold to blocking her to trying to hold her hand, any attempts to stop the twiddling just upset her. I have a friend whose toddler has to pinch/play with a binky while she is using a binky - there is clearly a strong drive for kids to do this. As long as it doesn't bother you, it's fine, but it didn't bother me either until the last several months and now it seems ingrained and impossible to stop. Good luck to you.

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