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    So, I need help from any mom who has used an SNS. (Supplemental Nursing System). Does it normally increase your supply rapidly, then decrease a bit, and then come back up?

    I ask because when we first started using it, he was needing less formula in it (not enough EBM) and was getting TONS of BM, half the time he didn't take anything from the supplementer. Now, for some reason, he is getting less from me and more from the supplementer. I know they have different tubes, and I'm thinking of going back to the medium or small tubes to see if he will suck more from me than from the tubes. We shall see, but has this happened to anyone else? Will it go back up?? We were going great there for a bit, and now it has gone down... What should I do? (I rented a scale, so I can measure how much he is getting and subtract how much formula he got from the SNS to determine how much he got from me and the number keeps going down...) this just doesn't sound right! Isn't it supposed to go the other way????
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    I have been there with my twins and now am going through it again with baby #5! My first two I nursed with no problems. With my twins and baby #5, they were not nursing well, lost weight, dehydration, etc... So I had to supplement and went to the SNS to prevent nipple confusion. It was one down hill trip after that in both cases! The SNS does not work well for upping the supply and I along with many consultants, believe it actually hurts the supply and gets babies hooked on it! You have to pump after each feed with a good hospital grade pump to get the supply up and then baby off of the SNS. That is so hard when the SNS takes forever to feed the baby or you have others to care for, ect... How much of you is baby taking? What did your pre and post weighings show? The best thing for you to do is to work your way down to the smallest tube immediately. Be sure to first nurse without the SNS until baby is not satisified, then use the SNS. Then pump after the feed. Hopefully your supply will get up and you can ditch the SNS. Beware though, babies get hooked on it and the flow it provides. Please let us know here how you are doing. I am currently trying to get my 4 mo. old off of the SNS. How old is your baby? The younger, the better and easier to get baby off.
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