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Thread: Can you relactate and take dom while pregnant?

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    Default Can you relactate and take dom while pregnant?

    I am expecting in late Jan. I also already have an 11 month old. I was wondering if I could induce lactation with or without domperidone before this baby is born - via my 11 month old. She has no nursed for 10 months because I never had enough supply. I didn't have enough milk for my 2.5 year old either - I'd tried everything even Reglan.

    Can anyone give advice on this subject? I'd really appreciate any input!


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    Default Re: Can you relactate and take dom while pregnant?

    Your best bet is to get a good start breastfeeding once your baby is born. Your body will be most ready to produce milk then.

    I'd suggest attending an LLL Group while you're pregnant, or get in touch with a LLL Leader or certified lactation consultant ahead of time and tell them what your situation and concerns are. That way you'll have knowledgeable help from day 1 to make sure things are going well.
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    Default Re: Can you relactate and take dom while pregnant?

    I have never tried this product but I know it is out there. It is called More Milk Two made by motherlove. www.motherlove.com they make more milk plus, which is how I have heard of it. It is a combination of herbs that are all safe for pregnancy and designed for women in your type of situation. Check out the website, because there is a lot of info on increasing supply in all types of situations. I would also recommend pumping, if you are not all ready. This seems to stimulate product of milk and is a safe way to do so thru pregnancy.

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