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Thread: Solids Schedule and Pumping

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    I know this is a little early but in a week my lo will be 6 months. I have been researching like crazy about solids. I defiantly think she is ready. I have been giving her banana in one of those meshed feeders and she feeds herself with it. Doesn't get much and we haven't done it every day. Only like three times this last week. So anyway, our schedule is that at 6:30 I nurse her and then try to leave the house by 7 and take her to DC. Then she gets a 5 oz bottle at 8:30, 11:30 and 2:30. I pick her up between 3:30 and 4. Then nurse her at 5:30 then give her a bath about 7 and feed her again about 7:30. I try to stay up to feed her again at 9:30 but I'm usually too tired and we are both asleep so I just go to bed and then nurse her frequently all night long. So anyway, I was thinking of a way to not have to pump at work as often and try to reduce it to two bottles at DC rather than 3 and then maybe let them feed her a meal since they are dying to do that although I am worried they will overfeed her solids. How do I handle that? So I was thinking my new schedule could be Nurse at 6:30, bottles at DC at 9:30 and 12:30 with solid after 12:30 bottle, and then I can try to nurse her when after I pick her up and get her home by 4, then I can nurse her again every two hours or so or when ever she wants. Does this sound ok? Would I need more oz of BM in the bottles since I would only send two?
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    my understanding (but I am no expert) is that for the first few weeks/months) solids are for learning about and playing with rather than nutrition. It is all about learning to eat, learning what tastes they like and don't like, learning about textures, finding out what their particular system is not yet able to tolerate etc. Remember only intro one new food a week to find out how they react.

    The being said my LO is not quite six months and I have yet to break down and give him solids. Almost everyone is pushing me and LO is more than ready - can sit - follows every mouthful anyone takes - is reaching for stuff off my plate - is fully able to chew etc etc. Mama just isn't quite ready and pedi doesn't think I need to so we haven't. I will have to stop torturing him soon though. Just need to find an organic rice cereal
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