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Thread: Thawed B-milk - do I have to throw it out?

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    Default Thawed B-milk - do I have to throw it out?

    I was traveling for work and shipping my b-milk overnight home. One of the shipments got all mixed up and it never showed up at my house. Anyway, by the time my husband managed to get a hold of the box, it had been over 24 hours. All of the milk had melted. He took a temperature of every bottle and most were still at 30 degrees, a couple were as warm as 40 degrees. He didn't know any better, so he just put them in the freezer.

    Everything I've read said that I shouldn't re-freeze thawed milk. Would it be bad to give it to the baby? It's about 40-50 oz. I'd hate to throw it away. By the way, I have a lipase issue, so all of the milk was scalded before it was frozen. I don't know if that makes a difference. Let me know what you think.

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    Default Re: Thawed B-milk - do I have to throw it out?

    While I know how it might feel to throw it out - it seems it's not recommened one refreeze thawed milk... (more info here)
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