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Thread: The unfortunate side-effects of babysitters

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    Default The unfortunate side-effects of babysitters

    How does anyone manage to find affordable childcare? One grandmother lets him cry himself to sleep, the other gives him cow's milk. Then I'm the one stuck with a cranking four month old. I wish I could afford to not work, or pay a professional. Anyone else sailing in my boat?
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    Default Re: The unfortunate side-effects of babysitters

    Oh sweetie I am with you there. My 3 kids are at home with my ex-husband during the day. Most moms would think that's great, but not with him. My youngest is not actually his daughter, but he watches her b/c our 5 year old freaked out when I told her the baby would be going somewhere else while I work. He tends to use the fact that he watches my daughter as ammo every time I say or do something he doesn't like. I just found out he spends literally all day sleeping until he has to get up and get ready for work. My 5 year old apparently is the one who gets up and get breakfast for herself and her 2 year old brother, keeps him entertained and out of trouble. She has now learned to change his diapers and make the 4 month old a bottle (ugh). I hate leaving my kids in that situation, but there's nothing else I can do at the moment. I have to have a job, since mine is the only income in my house. I am desperately trying to find a way to work from home, b/c I simply can not keep this up. I thank god for my best friend who lives in the apt. complex and goes over there every day to mae sure the kids are all alive and all right, and usually feeds them their lunch. It is ridiculous what parents have to pay out in order to have a job. I know several couples who decided to have a SAHP simply b/c it would cost more to send the kids to daycare than they would bring in! It's so sad. And people wonder why this country is going down the tubes? I was thrilled to find out I qualified for state assistance for daycare, but guess what? They only covered half the amount, and the only place where I live with an opening I would have still been paying $400 a month. Just for the baby! On an income of less than 1500 a month that ain't happening!
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    Default Re: The unfortunate side-effects of babysitters

    Have you tried looking for a local college student or two? My SIL found a girl that is going to school for Early Childhood and she is working out great! The college kids usually work for cheap too! Good luck mama!
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    Default Re: The unfortunate side-effects of babysitters

    I know some people have found great care on Craigslist. I would also see if your area has a childcare council?

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