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    Post my grandbabies

    my daughter just brought 1 of her 2 twins home from NICU. born @ 33 weeks, now 36 weeks. they have been mostly tube and bottle fed in NICU, she has been pumping. the nipples used in NICU flow fast and easily & now the little guy won't BF much. Is there a better kind of bottle/nipple to use to help him get used to BF? she plans to consult w/ a lactation consultant, but things crazy now w/ 1 still in NICU.

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    Hi there. Congratulations on the birth of your grandchildren!

    I'm posting some links to articles about getting a baby to nurse and alternate feeding suggestions. (besides bottles)

    www.kellymom.com Back to Breast information

    www.kellymom.com Alternative Feeding information

    The alternative feeding link has several ways of feeding not using bottles, like finger feeding, cup feeding and other meathods.

    I don't have experience with premature babies, but I do know that Dr. Brown's makes a Preemie flow nipple. It is a little slower than the stage 1 nipple, but not much. The SNS (supplemental nursing system) has varying tube diameters that control the flow of milk. You can use these to finger feed babies. (we used both these meathods to feed my dd supplements and nurse her when she would take to the breast.)

    I hope this is helpful to you.

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    My LC recommended Avent bottles with the newborn nipples or Dr. Brown's with newborn nipples.

    There is also an Adiri bottle you can order online. I have heard that works for a lot of women.

    The Playtex nurser is supposed to be the worse for bfeeding mothers, but I have heard the Drop-Ins nipple works pretty well going from bottle to mommy.

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    Here is an article in the Journal of Human Lactation that I have found useful on many occasions.

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    Has she been using a nipple shield at all? My nephew was born at 32 weeks and my twin cousins were born at 33 weeks and my sil and aunt used a shield to get them to latch on. I would advise working very closely with a lactation consultant if she decides to go that route, but it is something to consider. My sil was never able to wean from the shield, but my aunt weaned very early. I used a shield in the early weeks for the same reason (dd got a bottle when I was engorged) and was able to wean at about 6 weeks, so it is possible.

    I hope all goes well, whatever she decides. Nursing preemies is especially important because their little immune systems really depend on mommy's antibodies!

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    the nipple shield is a great suggestion.. my son was born at 33 wks and was fed thru a tube and bottle fed in the NICU as well. he was there for two weeks. i had no intentions of using formula and was too lazy to pump all the time so i was determined to get him to BF. the shield worked great for getting him to latch on cuz he was so tiny and i have big nipples.(i know, TMI) one day i decided that i didn't want to use the shield anymore, and he was fine with that.. well, it took a few tries, but when he finally latched on, we were on our way to a happy BFing relationship. he's now 13 mo and still lovin mommy's milk.

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    I also have a 33 weeker. I used Dr. Brown's Preemie nipples until I got my daughter directly on the breast. I found that it helped her learn to suck harder (it has a slower flow) until she was able to coordinate the suck swallow breath, which happened at exactly 40 weeks (please be sure to tell her that they really do need to learn that technique and the gestational age really does make a huge difference - we often forget that with Preemies). Be sure to give your daughter tons of encouragement - she is really going to need it in the coming weeks. A lactation consultant could also help her with hands on help. She is really lucky to have a mom like you!

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