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    My 4 mo won´t take the bottle with EBM. She used to, but now she'll ony chew a bit, but no sucking. How can I encourage her to take the bottle again???

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    I don;t have much advice because I have never encountered this. Have you tried different nipples? Which ones are you using now?
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    Im in the same boat as you. My 4 month old is exclusively on the breast and I cant seem to get her to take to a bottle. Currently I am trying Avent nipples with her since my son went seamlessly from bottle to breast using Avent for just over a year. It sure would be nice to go out and know that she will eat from a bottle without me though.

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    If you want yoru LO to take a bottle it's really important to offer one consistently. We fed my son one bottle a day every night from the time he was 5weeks old until the night bottle was abandoned for night time play. Around 9months. And by 10 months he wouldn't take one anymore at all. So make it a consistent thing and have someone else do it. For us it was always my DH and it was tied to a BREAK I got from the baby every day after dinner. SO I had MUCH incentive to both get up and pump that bottle every morning and insure the was consistency around him getting it.

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