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Thread: Starting to panic!!

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    Unhappy Starting to panic!!

    Hi ladies,

    Ok, I really need your help here. My ds is nearly 3months old and I've been bfing since he was born, but exclusively since week 4. Things were really tough at the start but got better. Now, however, I feel I'm back at square 1! I had him weighed at our monthly pedi appointment and she recommended I try and up my supply by taking the equivalent of more mother's milk (I'm in france so don't get that here), a medication to help lactation and continue with my fennel tea as he wasn't really gaining enough - although, at the time she wasn't too worried as he was still within the healthy limits. 2 weeks ago I weighed him again and he was gaining well. Yesterday I weighed him and he hasn't even gained 3oz in 2 weeks !!!! I bf him whenever he wants for however long he wants and I've been trying to express any leftover milk with a breast pump after most feeds. I had to supplement with formula during his first 4 weeks and I'm back to that now I'm just so worried, but I just don't get it. When I feed him he's happy afterwards, he has between 8-10 wet nappies and 2-4 poopy ones per day... so how come he isn't gaining?!

    Can you ladies suggest anything else to try and get my supply up? Like I said, this is REALLY worrying me and I'm starting to panic... HELP!!

    Married 28 july 2005
    Mummy to my DS , born 30 july 2008
    proud to have BF him for 8 months
    Now a Mummy for the 2nd time to my DD , born 15 june 2012 for 15 1/2months! Still whenever we can and

    DS Stats
    Birth: 7lbs 15oz - 19.5inches
    4 yrs: 35lbs 4oz - 3feet 5.5inches
    5 yrs: 40lbs - 3feet 8inches

    DD Stats
    Birth: 7lbs 13oz - 19.5inches
    6.5 months 12lbs 14oz - 26inches
    9 months 15lbs 13oz
    15months 20lbs 11oz - 30 inches

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    Active thread in Breastfeeding Your Infant forum -- http://forums.llli.org/showthread.php?t=61821. Closing this one to keep responses in one place.

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