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    My daughter turned one Sunday and we've made it one year EBF (yay!!) But I'm ready to partially wean and stop pumping during the day. I plan to keep first morning and last evening feedings for a while (she nurses to sleep).

    I think the day feedings will disappear easily as she mostly only wants to nurse when she's tired. The question is: what do I send to daycare with her? She's a great eater (as much as she can with only 2 teeth - top 2 just broke through) but I think she usually looks to those bottles of EB to send her off to sleepyland... I don't want to transition her to cows milk in a bottle (I want to use a sippy cup) but I can't imagine her dozing off with a sippy cup in her hands!

    Any throughts from Mommies out there who've successfuly weaned a chronic nurse-to-sleeper??
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    After ds1 had turned 1 and we had introduced the sippy cup at home, I was still unsure if he would take comfort from the sippy at daycare. So I sent EBM in his sippy cups, along with a couple of empty spare bottles. I instructed his dcp to try the sippy cup, but if he showed any resistance to put the EBM into the bottles for him. He never used the spare bottles and continued to nurse when at home for another 8 months (when I got pg).
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