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Thread: I lost my nursing boys!

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    Unhappy I lost my nursing boys!

    What Can I Do?

    Thursday and Friday I helplessly represented my custody case alone, while my ex legally lynched me for exercising my parental right to breastfeed and not vaccinate my children. Why or why did I not have a lawyer ? I, in fact, knew of two pro bono lawyers. Both denied me for different reasons. I felt confident and had everything necessary to fight his claims. Yet, my ex-husband's attorney, introduced a claim that was not apart of the original pleadings.

    They raised the issue of vaccination. Due to the fact that I did not object, not knowing to do so, it was permitted to be included in the case. That was when the judge made it her mission to get my boys vaccinated, without actually ordering it. She stripped my 13 month old baby, from my breast and loving care, and place them into my ex's custody. Not only did she go around the option of placing the child in his family's care, she order the children into daycare, where they had to be vaccinated.

    Under the North Carolina General Statutes 130-A 156, I am exempt for religious beliefs. The judge knew that she could not blatantly order immunizations, or she would be in violation of my civil rights by law. Therefore, she ordered daycare knowing that my ex would get them vaccinated.

    In all of that, she deemed me fit and loving. She, the judge, deemed my ex fit and loving. I am a stay at home mother, and stay in low income housing. She was not justified by her verdict, although temporarily ordered for six months, just long enough to catch the boys up on immunizations. I am so bewildered by this, and am pumping to keep my milk up until I receive them on the weekends, as she ordered. The judge also ordered that every third weekend out the month the boys are with the dad for seven whole days, which means that they will not be able to nurse during that seven day period, and therefore making it difficult for them to resume nursing after being denied the breast every 3rd week of the month by instituting her very own plan for weaning them.

    She ordered them to be with dad the very last day of the hearing, Friday, and the following week days, which ends this coming friday, thereby immediately and abruptly weaning my children due to personal bias.

    Please help me sort this out if there is any consolation.

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