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Thread: iron supplement for 1yr old?

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    Default iron supplement for 1yr old?

    at dd's one yr check, her iron was a bit low- 10 & pedi said should be at least 11 & rec'd polyvisol w/iron. I've read about high iron foods & thought about trying that first, but dd already eats beef, spinach, broccoli, & sweet potatoes which are high in iron, so not sure if food will boost enough. I might try molasses & oatmeal or cream of wheat & I also noticed prune juice listed but I currentlly don't give her juice. So, I guess I have 2 questions- 1)anyone have luck with foods boosting lo's iron level? & 2)for anyone who uses iron supplements- what kind do you use & do you give them the drops directly or put them in something? (worried about them staining her teeth) I read you can put them in juice, but not sure I want to start giving her juice just to take vits...
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    My DD is 3 and has always had low iron, in the 10 range mostly. She is taking My Kidz Iron, they haven't stained her teeth and she takes them straight. http://www.mykidziron.com/ It also isn't that disgusting looking brown that polyvisol is. Look for foods that boost the absorbtion of iron, not only just how much iron they have in them. Vitamin C is important for absorption. Kind of like phosphorus aids in the absorption of calcium. http://www.getfitnutrition.co.uk/tip...-boost-levels/
    Anemia can cause other symptoms and problems. My DD has a heart murmur because of her iron levels, it's not harmful and there is nothing wrong with her heart. We just call it her noisy heart to match her noisy mouth. When we manage to get her iron level up the murmur disappears, if she gets sick and her levels drop it comes right back.

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