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Thread: weaning or teeth ..behavior?

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    hi so my ds is behaving weird. he just got over a ear infection and is acting still sick. I can see his molar popping through on his rights side, nothing on the left just yet. i also have been weaning him and last week stopped nursing him before his naps. We are down to just morning and before bed feedings. Soooo HE been really difficult and its just when i am around!!!!!! HE is great for my hubby and mom but when i enter the room he is clingy and whinny. He also has been refusing soilds, so feeding has been really ruff! he also get soo mad!!!! he shakes his little fist in frustration! sometimes i feel like i have a 2yr old an not a one year old! what do you guy think? could he still have an ear infection? am i weaning to fast? I nursed him yesterday out of frustration because he was winning and clingggy and asking to nurse and nothing i could do to distract him! so after he was just soo sweeeT! And he has been waking again at night. ok tia for any adv or huggs.

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    Hard to say... Whining and clinginess can be signs that weaning is going a little too quickly for a toddler. But they can also be signs of illness! Maybe he still doesn't feel well. Or maybe he isn't quite ready to let go of that intimate connection with you.

    Or it could be both! It might be that he needs the extra closeness because he's not feeling well. Could you slow down the weaning a little until he's all the way better and see if he takes to it more easily at that point?

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