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Thread: LO getting sick more often

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    Default LO getting sick more often

    My daughter was hardly sick at all during her first year of life. Since then, and especially in the last few months (in which I've been pregnant) I feel like she's gotten a lot of colds. It hasn't been anything serious, just runny/stuffy nose, cough, but it's frustrating none-the-less because I feel like my breastmilk doesn't provide her with what she needs to fiend off sickness. She eats healthy, sleeps well, and nurses 4 times per day (around going to sleep and waking up). I just don't understand why she's getting sick more often. We're doing the same amount of activites we've been doing, the only thing that's changed is she nurses less and I have less milk. I thought that during the weaning process the immunities in my milk increase, so I don't understand why she'd be getting sick more?

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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    Default Re: LO getting sick more often

    We went through this at around 1 year and a couple months beyond too. It has all evened out now and for us it was the source (daycare), changed that and it all seemed to go away. He's still in daycare and since then (January 2008) has only gotten sick once. Not even a cold... Sorry I am not much help. I think though that they are busier and into more things that they are taking on more and getting into more germs?

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    Default Re: LO getting sick more often

    Why? Because they just get sick "more" as they get older. Doesn't indicate anything wrong with the sleep she's getting or the lack of any healthy food/BM you're providing. The last line of the above poster really nails it down well and not much you can do about that. You can be sure to continue to give her the sleep and nutrition she requires, teach her to wash her hands ( especailly when you're out and about... and even moreso now since winter is coming [and even at home]) Possibly look into getting some probiotics and just be ready at the helm with tissues. They will get these things regardless - one way or another - at some age...
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