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Thread: Forced weaned and want to go back

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    Question Forced weaned and want to go back

    I've looked for this topic but to no avail. Maybe someone can advise.

    I breast fed my son for 14 months until I had to take a trip without him and I was gone for 8 days. He was forced weaned that week, and when I returned home he was beyond stressed. He wanted no part of my breast, in fact it made him more stressed when I offered it. So I found alternatives to getting him to sleep such as singing and massages, but I did not offer a bottle. I have felt so guilty about him being forced weaned, I wanted to BF him the next two years!

    He is now 18 months old, and he has taken a new interest in my breasts. I whipped one out the other day and offered it to him, and he took it in his mouth for about 2 seconds but did not suck. Four months have passed since he breast fed, my question is: 1. Is it too late to go back? 2. Am I dried up? I've heard that the length of time that one breast feeds is the length of time it takes to dry up, true or untrue? Has anyone ever weaned for a long duration then successfully gone back to breastfeeding?

    Or am I just trying to ease my own guilt, and should just give up trying because 4 months have passed, and I'm shooting a dead horse.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, If anyone has any suggestions I am open to everything.

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    I don't have any experience with what you've gone through/are going through, but I thought of a possible alternative. If you kept your supply up during your trip and over the last 4 months by pumping maybe you could pump and give him ebm in a sippy cup. Then he's getting the benefits of breastmilk without directly nursing, which it sounds like he's not interested in doing.

    Maybe someone else will chime in with more info. Good luck.
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    It's so hard to wean before you're both ready! It sounds like it was (and still is) really upsetting.

    If you're wondering whether you can rebuild your supply at this point, the answer that yes, you probably can. If your son is interested in nursing frequently or if you pump (maybe rent a hospital grade pump), it's likely that you could re-stimulate your suppy.

    The bigger question is whether your son will (or can) cooperate! Toddlers tend to forget how to nurse after they've weaned. They may even ask to nurse again and then not know what to do with the breast when they have it.

    If he does remember how to nurse he may become more interested in it if you build your supply a little bit, and there's that immediate reward for his efforts. You could certainly keep offering and see what happens.
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    Default Re: Forced weaned and want to go back

    Although everyone would love to have the most perfect weaning story, it doesn't always work that way. You did a wonderful job nursing for 14 months!!! Congrats on that momma.

    If I was in your shoes, and my son showed interest in nursing again I would allow it. At that point you can even try and show him how to open wide and latch on again. However, I would not try and regain my supply. That is the most stressful thing, pumping and herbs... I just would not go down that path at 18 months. You probably have some milk left and who knows, if your toddler decided to nurse a lot perhaps you would regain some of your milk once again.

    Nursing toddlers at 18 months is a lot more about comfort than nutrition, and since you've been weaned for 4 months clearly your child is fine with solids!!!

    Either way, feel peaceful that you gave your child a wonderful start with breastfeeding and don't stress over how the weaning went down. You have bigger and better things to experience with your toddler, and more memories to create together.

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