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Thread: not driking as much milk

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    I'm kind of worried that my 7 1/2 month bg isn't drinking enough milk. I most always nurse her first thing in the morning and then when I get off of work. She has been drinking 12-14 oz. (expressed milk and 2 oz. of formula per bottle) at daycare. She also eats cereal and fruit in the morning veg & fruit for lunch and then again for dinner (she loves babyfood,little piggy). She is still happy and growing could be worried for no reason!

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    I think alot of toddlers reduce thier intake about that age....

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    My little guy 9mo dosesnt nurse alot, but i have just been keeping an eye on his diapers, wet ones that is, adn as long as he has like 5-7 a day i dont worry about it.
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