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Thread: Going cold turkey

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    Has anyone successfully eliminated formula supplementation in one go. If so, how much formula had you been giving, how old was your little one, how difficult was it and how long did it take for your milk supply to catch up? I have slowly reduced from about 16oz down to 10oz but it feels like it's taking forever and is taking a lot of effort (all the sterilising and keeping track of feeds/nappies). I'd love to get off the rest all in one go but I'm nervous that it will be too much for us both to cope with. I'd appreciate reading experiences of mums who have done it.

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    i dont know if this helps you any but when DS ws in the hospital, they KNEW he was breastfed but they gave him bottles of formula in the nursery without telling me. they said he was "a little dehydrated" so they thought they could just do it. anyway, after i found that out (the day i was leaving) i never gave him formula again. he did fine. the formula make him choke and throw up and spit up and everything anyway so he was happier without it.
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