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Thread: Cluster Pumping -- Does it help?

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    Default Cluster Pumping -- Does it help?

    The title says it all!

    I am in the early stages of relactation and I'm wondering if cluster pumping (kinda like a growth spurt?) might help supply?

    Also, should I be waking up every 2-3 hours at night to pump? DS sleeps through the night but I will get up to pump if it will make a difference in supply...


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    Default Re: Cluster Pumping -- Does it help?

    I did the cluster pumping. i swear it did help ! sometimes every 30 minutes, sometimes 15 sometimes and hour. i did it also because he only wakes once a night and i wanted to get more stimulation since i only pumped once a night

    i would suggest pumping once a night at least.
    I say this because at first i did not. but started too and it really did help build me up!

    goodluck! you are doing great! try not to get discouraged it will start!

    what i did was keep a small journal about how much i was getting everyday!

    there would be a few days with no change and others gradual! goodluck!
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    Default Re: Cluster Pumping -- Does it help?


    I will start waking up every few hours at night. I might only wake up every 4 hours so that I don't have to wake up a ton at night, lol. But twice a night is better than none at night, right?

    I'm still not getting anything with the pump. If I don't pump at night, I do get sprayed in the face when I squeeze my left breast but still nothing with the pump. Oh well! I did go over a week without pumping (the PPD had me down) and I had to stop my herbs to rule out where the side effects (dizziness and nasuea) were coming from (the PPD meds or the herbs). I will restart herbs tomorrow.

    I've been cluster pumping for the last 2 hours. 10 min on each breast totaling a half hour in an hour. It's been tedious but DS is asleep so I may as well.

    Thanks! I hope I can become successful like you!

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