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Thread: Re-reflux at almost 2.5???

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    Default Re-reflux at almost 2.5???

    So my 27 month-old is still BF and we are both very happy about it He still wakes up once at night (a couple of times when he is teething).
    About a month ago, he started coughing terribly after I BF him just before bed and he got congested so bad and would cough so bad that he would vomit everything every night. Then he would wake up again in the middle of the night and vomit again after he nursed. We took him to a doctor and she gave albuterol sulfate because he had some wheezing. (We also gave him Zyrtek since the doctor said it is a seasonal allergy) We used it for 5 days, the vomiting stopped but he still wakes up at night and starts regurgitating and coughing after I nurse him.
    He was diagnosed with reflux when he was 10 months old and used Prilosec for about 3 months but after that we never had such problems.
    Is it possible that reflux can come and go like this? Should I stop BF him at night. I already have little milk left and I started working full time during the day so I dread taking his night milk from him but maybe I am doing more harm than good???

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    Default Re: Re-reflux at almost 2.5???

    I don't know if it is reflux but I do know that my allergies and congestion have been horrible the last 6 months. I have enough congestion it makes me vomit (sorry tmi) and it is usually in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.
    If it were reflux would it make sense for it to be bothering him at other times of the day too?
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    Default Re: Re-reflux at almost 2.5???

    My son had something very similar that we attributed to potential reflux (though his old pedi said it couldn't be - but Ill spare you that stupid story )

    I'd look into it s'more if I were you (as I am doing) and see what they think
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    Default Re: Re-reflux at almost 2.5???

    I know that when my first son was diagnosed with reflux as an infant the doc said not to be surprised if it "came back." He specifically said not to brush off complaints in later childhood of tummy aches. I also had a friend who's child reflux came back as a preschooler.
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    Default Re: Re-reflux at almost 2.5???

    maybe looking at solids intake could help you figure out what bothers toddler.
    Is he eating any cows milk? or soy?

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