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Thread: adult yogurt and cottage cheese?

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    dr sears has some great info on his web site about yougurt


    you can always make your own if you cann't find whole milk yougart at your store.
    Its a very easy project and you don't need a fancy yougurt maker
    you can use a thermos.

    this is instustions on how to make a gallon but you don't have to make that much... you can cut it down to a cup if you want.
    I normaly use 4 cups of milk to about 4 tablespoons of good starter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mumtothomas View Post
    We did plain large-curd cottage cheese and plain organic whole-milk yogurt (not the baby kind).

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    I've started giving yogurts to my baby when she was on her 10th month.. havent tried giving her cheese though..

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