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    My lo is 8.5 months old and we began solids (purees) slowly around 6 months, she took to them fine. She loves eating them, but when I try to offer thicker foods (still purees) she gags. I am concerned because I want to offer other foods like cheerios, steamed carrots, avacado, but I am afraid she will choke on them if she can't even handle lumpy food? I am not sure what to do? She is not getting a variety of foods right now and I would love to be able to offer them to her.


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    Lots of other threads started regarding this very thing - see if you can search for them...

    If she is still nursing often (how much does she nurse?) she doesn't "need" a variety of solids anyhow right now

    Also - have you taken a child/infant CPR course? if not sign up for one today. Nothing like loosing the fear of choking because you know what to do if it were to happen.
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    Gagging is actually pretty normal- it is very different from choking. I agree on the CPR course, it really sets your mind at ease to know you can handle it if she does choke. BUT having said that, when they gag, the best thing to do is leave them alone. I'd keep offering different foods and if she gags, let her- she's just not used to the texture.

    Offering foods that easily come back up when the baby gags is best- slimy or wet things- avacado, banana, melon. Cut up in french fry sized strips works really well because baby can hold them and take small bites.
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    IT was around that time DD began eating finger foods, all times before she would gag something fierce! I cut in small pieces rather than the fry size strips - those freaked me out b/c DD would stuff the whole thing...
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    My DD did regular stage 1 and 2 purees w/out a problem but never like stage 3's. They always made her gag. BUT, she didn't have a problem with finger foods. I just assumed that she didn't like or was confused by the combo of chunks and puree together. I think she either wanted to just swallow or just chew, but not both, kwim. Maybe try going for some finger foods and see what happens.
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    Have you tried finger foods in small pieces like pp suggested? I think there is actually less problem gagging with these than spoon feeding thick stuff. I read that the spoon puts the food much farther back in their mouth/throat as opposed to taking a bit of say steamed broccoli or a bite off a banana. With it in the front of their mouth, they have more chance to manipulate it &/or spit it back out if too big. Other than that, just be patient...
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    I definately agree to keep trying the stage 3's my dd did the same thing until she got used to the texture and I started giving her finger foods also, she likes trying to chew on the gerber puffs!

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